Happy Hands Finger Plays!


Five little monkeys             (Hold up 5 fingers.)
Jumping on the bed.           (Bounce fingers up and down.)
One fell off and
Bumped her head.             (Gently tap head.)
Momma called the doctor      (Pretend to call on a phone.)
And the doctor said,
That’s what you get          (Shake finger as if scolding.)
For jumping on the bed.


No little monkeys…They’re all sick with broken heads!

*Adapt this rhyme and use the children’s names in your classroom.
For example, “Josie, Josie, jumping on the bed…”

Five Little Monkeys
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Five little monkeys             (Hold up 5 fingers.)
Swinging from a tree,
Teasing Mr. Alligator,          (Point finger as if teasing.)
“Can’t catch me!
You can’t catch me!”          (Shake head “no.”)
Along came Mr. Alligator     (Put palms together and slowly
Quiet as can be,                   move like an alligator.)
And snatched a monkey     (Open and clap palms as if
Right out of the tree!             chomping on something.)


“Missed me, missed me!    (Put open hands on either side
Now you gotta kiss me!”           of your head and wiggle.)


Here is a beehive,               (Hold up fist.)
But where are the bees.       (Shake head.)
Hiding inside where nobody sees.
Soon they will come out of their hive.
One, two, three, four, five.       (Slowly hold up one finger at a time.)

Here is a beehive,                  (Hold up fist.)
But where are the bees.
Flying around all the flowers and trees.        (Open and wiggle fingers.)
Soon they will come home from their fun.
Five, four, three, two, one.       (Slowly put fingers down to make a fist.)


Down around the corner
At the bakery shop,              (Hold up 5 fingers and wiggle.)
Five little cupcakes
With sprinkles on top.
Along came (child’s name)
With a penny one day.
She bought a cupcake and
She took it away.                (Put down 1 finger.)

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