Happy Hands Finger Plays!


Miss Molly had a dolly      (Cradle arms and rock.)
Who was sick, sick, sick.
So she called for the doctor      (Pretend to hold a phone next to your ear.)
To come quick, quick, quick.
The doctor came      (Pretend to hold up bag.)
With his bag and his hat.      (Touch head.)
And he knocked on the door
With a rat-a-tat-tat.      (Pretend to knock.)
He looked at the dolly
And he shook his head.      (Shake head.)
He said, “Miss Molly
Put her straight to bed.”      (Point finger.)
He wrote on some paper
For some pills, pills, pills.      (Pretend to write.)
“I’ll be back in the morning
With the bills, bills, bills.”      (Wave good-bye.)


Two little black birds
Sitting on a hill      (Make fists and stick up thumbs.)
One name Jack      (Wiggle right thumb.)
and one named Jill.       (Wiggle left thumb.)
Fly away Jack.      (Wiggle right thumb behind back.)
Fly away Jill.      (Wiggle left thumb behind back.)
Come back Jack.      (Bring back right thumb.)
Come back Jill.      (Bring back left thumb.)
Additional verses:
Two little red birds sitting on a wall.
One named Pam and one named Paul.
Fly away Pam. Fly away Paul.
Come back Pam. Come back Paul.

Two little blue birds sitting in the tree.
One named Brad and one named Bree.
Fly away Brad. Fly away Bree.
Come back Brad. Come back Bree.

Two little yellow birds sitting on a sled.
One named Tami and one named Ted.
Fly away Tami. Fly away Ted.
Come back Tami. Come back Ted.


I have a cat.       (Make “cat” in sign language by stroking whiskers.)
I have a cat.       (Children repeat.)
My cat is fat.      (Hold out arms in front of you like a tummy.)
My cat is fat.               (Children repeat.)
My cat wears a hat.      (Pretend to put a hat on your head.)
My cat wears a hat.      (Children repeat.)
My cat sees a bat.       (Link thumbs and pretend to fly hands.)
My cat sees a bat.       (Children repeat.)
My cat sees a rat.       (Hold up pinky like a rat’s tail.)
My cat sees a rat.       (Children repeat.)
I have a cat.          (Pretend to stroke whiskers.)
I have a cat.          (Children repeat.)
MEOW!         (Make hands like claws and say together.)


Bubblegum,         (Pat thighs to the beat.)
In a dish.
How many pieces
Do you wish?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10……… (Clap and count.)

*Let different children chose an amount and clap.


A little mouse (Wiggle left thumb.)
Lived quietly in his hole. (Make fist with right hand.)
A little mouse (Wiggle left thumb.)
Lived quietly in his hole. (Place left thumb in right fist.)
When all was as quiet
As quiet could be.
Sh! Sh! Sh! (Say very softly and slowly.)
Out popped he! (Remove left thumb and wiggle.)

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