Classroom Alphabet


Classroom Alphabet


Instead of putting up the traditional alphabet cards, maybe you’ll want to use one of these ideas to create a unique alphabet this year.


Children's Photo

Children’s Photos
Use children’s first or last names to make an alphabet.  If several children have names that begin with the same sound, then group them together.  If you don’t have names for letters, then use the school helpers’ names or other common objects.



Sign Language


Sign Language
Cut hands out of felt and glue them to make the manual signs for letters.





Real Objects


Real Objects
Glue small objects that begin with letters to make alphabet cards.





Environmental Print


Environmental Print
Use labels from food products or clothes to make an alphabet.
Hint!  Give each child a letter and ask parents to send in environmental print for that letter.




Giant Letters
Cut out giant cardboard letters for the first letter in each child’s name.  Let them decorate these at home with their families.  They could use family photos, pictures of things that are important to them, or drawings to decorate their letters.

Cheer Cards
Mary Amoson ( has created alphabet cards for my cheers.  You can download these free; click Alphabet Cheers on the TPT site.

That’s My Name!

Label cubbies, folders, and materials with children’s names.


Name Cards

Name Cards - Write each child’s name on an index card or 8” sentence strip.  Glue their picture or sticker to the card.  Use the name cards for the activities below:


Transitions: Pull names to line up, answer questions, go to centers, etc.


Helpers: Choose names for special jobs, to sit by the teacher, etc.


Writing Center: Keep cards in the writing center so children can use their friends’ names to write stories, notes, etc.


Word Wall: Attach Velcro to the back of cards and use for interactiv activities on the word wall.


Grouping: Pull two names at a time for partner activities.  You could
also choose several names for small group activities.


Seating: Place cards on the rug before circle time.  Children find their name and sit in that spot.  (The cards can be used in a similar manner for snack or table activities.)


Sign In: Place in a basket where children sign in each day.


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