Special Requests

Special Requests

You asked for it – and you got it!  You can watch me do these activities on a new video my daughter made for you.
Link for video.

Here’s a song to sing to focus your students’ attention.  Start singing and by the time you get to “freeze” they’ll be quiet and ready to listen.
Miss Sue from Alabama
Miss Sue, Miss Sue,   (Snap fingers as you move your
                                    arms up and down.)
Miss Sue from Alabama.
Sitting in her rocker,  (Put right foot in front and rock
                                  back and forth.)
Eating Betty Crocker,  (Pretend to hold a bowl and eat something.)
Watching the clock go
Tick-tock, tick-tock banana rock.   (Stick up index fingers and
                                                    move from side to side.)
Tick-tock, tick-tock banana rock.
A B C D E F G,             (Take palms and brush your chest.)
Wash those spots right off of me.
Oosha mama, oosha mama,  (Hold out palms and wiggle hips.)
Oosha mama, FREEZE!   (Freeze.)

Plant a Garden
First the child chooses what kind of garden they want.
Dig up the dirt.  (Gently scratch fingers on the back.)
Rake up the dirt.  (Use fingers like a rake and drag
                            down the back.)
Then dig the holes.  (Use finger to make a shovel motion.)
Next, plant the seeds.  (Use finger to lightly touch where
                                    the holes are.)
Cover the seeds with dirt.  (Use hand and rub around.)
Now, pat down the dirt.  (Gently pat the back.)
Here comes the rain. (Use fingers to tap on back.)
Here comes the sun.  (Rub back in circular motion.)
Up come the plants!!  (Use fingers to scoop in an upward motion.)
Now pick them.  (Use light pinching motion with thumb and finger.)

May There Always Be Sunshine
(Check out aslpro.com for more detailed sign language movements.)
May there always be sunshine.  (Hold up index finger and
                                                  circle around.)
May there always be blue skies.  (Hands over head.)
May there always be children.  (One palm going down like
                                                stair steps.)
May there always be you.  (Circle index finger and then point
                                          to children.)
May there always be stories.  (Index fingers and thumbs
                                              touching and then pull apart.)
May there always be music.  (Hold up left arm and strum
                                            with right hand.)
May there always be teachers  (Pull knowledge from your head
                                             and hold palms upright.)
To care for you.  (Make letter “k” with fingers and place
                          on top of each other.)
May there always be sunshine.  (To make sunshine make
                        a circle in the air with your finger.)
May there always be blue skies.  (Hands overhead.)
May you always feel special,   (Hold up index finger on right
                                              hand and touch and move up.)
Because you are you!   (Point to children.)

*This song is a “sweet” way to end your day.  Hold hands in a circle and sway and sing.





A Little of This


Dr. Jean - YouTube


Put the Baby to Bed
Now it’s time to go to sleep  (Hold up right index finger.)
Put the baby to bed.              (Place index finger on left palm)
Cover the baby in the bed.    (Wrap left fingers around right index.)
Kiss the baby good-night.      (Pretend to kiss finger.)
Waaa!  Waaa!                         (Hold up right index finger and cry.)
The baby’s awake!
What can we do?
(Insert children’s suggestions and continue the rhyme.  For example, give it a bottle, change its diapers, give it a toy, read a book, etc.)

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