Let's Sing, Dance and Learn!


Let’s Sing, Dance, and Learn!!!
Songs and Videos on DVD

1. Rise and Shine 

2. Feeling Fine 

3. My Flag (Free video download, also on YouTube) 

4. Rules Rap 

5. Today Is Sunday

6. Month March 

7. Pump Up to 100 

8. Country Countdown 

9. Addition Pokey 

10. Karate Writing 

11. The Vowel Family

12. Gooooo Letters! 

13. Let’s Move!

14. Dinosaur Boogie

15. My Mother Is a Baker

16. The Cool Bear Hunt

17. Granny at the Fair

18. Fast Food Song (aka Pizza Hut)

19. Tooty Ta

20. We Had a Good Day 




Sing and Dance


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