Let’s Sing, Dance, and Learn! (DVD)


11.  The Vowel Family

Aunt Aggie had an allergy
and she would always sneeze-o  (Pretend to sneeze.)
/a/a/a/a/a/  /a/a/a/a/a/  /a/a/a/a/a/  
And she would always sneeze-o.

Grandpa Eddie stayed in shape
and he would exercise-o            (Pretend to lift weights.)
/e/e/e/e/e/  /e/e/e/e/e/   /e/e/e/e/e/
He liked to exercise-o.

Baby Izzi had chicken pox
and she would always itch-o.            (Scratch body.)
/i/i/i/i/i/  /i/i/i/i/i/  /i/i/i/i/i/
And she would always itch-o.

Cousin Otto’s throat was sore
And this is what he’d say-o.            (Put hand on throat.)
/o/o/o/o/o/  /o/o/o/o/o/  /o/o/o/o/o/
And this is what he’d say-o.

Uncle Unk wore underwear
and it did stink-o.            (Hold nose.)
/u/u/u/u/u/  /u/u/u/u/u/   /u/u/u/u/u/
And it did stink-o.

12.  Gooooo Letters!

(Pretend to play the drums.)
Goooo A!  /a/ /a/ /a/  (Roll arms and right fist in air as you make the sound.)
Goooo B!  /b/ /b/ /b/  (Roll arms and left fist in the air with sound.)
Goooo C!  ….Z

13.  Let’s Move!

(Pretend to play drums.)
Stand up…Let’s march….Let’s hop…Let’s tiptoe…Let’s run…Let’s swim...Let’s fly…Let’s twirl around…Let’s jump…Let’s gallop…Let’s dance…Sit and smile!

14.  Dinosaur Boogie

Pterosaurs had wings and could fly.  (Stretch out arms.)
He’d swoop in the swamp then up in the sky.
The ancestor of birds they say,
I wish it were here today.
Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the swamp.
He growl and snarl, and then he’d go chomp.  (Clap hands.)
He ate meat, he was a carnivore.
They’d all hide when he would roar.

Do the dinosaur boogie start - bounce around.  (Bounce.)
Hands like claws, make a growling sound –Grrr!  (Make hands like claws.)
Stomp, stomp, stomp the ground.  (Stomp feet.)
Then wiggle and turn around.  (Dance and turn around.)
Let’s do the dinosaur boogie…

Brontosaurus was the largest of all.  (Point up high.)
He moved slowly so he would not fall.
He ate plants, he was an herbivore.  (Pretend to pick a leaf and eat.)
He ate and ate and then ate some more.
Triceratops had three horns on his head.  (Put 3 fingers up on head.)
I’d like to see one, but now they’re all dead.
Where, oh, where, did the dinosaurs go?  (Hold up palms and shake head.)
I guess we’ll never know!

15.  My Mother Is a Baker

My mother is a baker, a baker, a baker.
My mother is a baker. 
She always goes like this,
“Yum!  Yum!”

Father – Trashman -“Pee yew!”
Sister – Singer - “La ta de da…”
Brother –Cowboy -  “Yahoo!”
Doggie – Licker – “Slurp!  Slurp!”
Kitty – Scratcher – “Hssssss!”
Baby – Whiner - “WAH!”
Grandpa – Engineer – “Toot!  Toot!”
Grandma – Tickler

16.  Cool Bear Hunt

Chorus:      We’re going on a bear hunt.  (Slap thighs.)
                 We’re going to catch a big one,  (Spread hands far apart.)
                 With big green eyes,  (Make circles by your eyes.)
                  And a fuzzy little tail.  (Put hands on back and wiggle.)

Look over there.  (Point index fingers.)
It’s a candy factory.
Can’t go over it.  (Raise your arms up.)
Can’t go under it.  (Put your hands down by the floor.)
Can’t go around it.  (Make arms in a circle.)
Guess we’ll go through it.  (Pretend to stuff candy in your mouth.)
Yum, yum, yum, yummmm.  (Pat your tummy.)

Look over there.
It’s a peanut butter river…   (Pretend to swim with arms.)

Look over there.  (Wiggle all over.)
It’s a Jell-o swamp…

Look over there. 
It’s a cave…
It’s cold in here.  (Shiver.)
I see two big green eyes,
And a fuzzy little tail.
It’s a bear!
Go through the Jell-o swamp.   (Wiggle.)
Swim across the peanut butter river.  (Swim arms.)
Go through the candy factory.   (Pretend to eat candy.)
Run home.  (Run in place.)
Open the door.  Shut the door.  (Pretend to open and shut a door.)
We went on a bear hunt,
And we weren’t afraid!  (Put thumbs in chest as if boasting.)

17.  Granny at the Fair

(Echo chant.)
My granny went
To the county fair.
And she bought
A rocking chair.   (Begin rocking back and forth.)
And she rocked, and she rocked, and she rocked, and she rocked.

And she bought a fan there...  (Begin fanning yourself with right hand.)
And she bought some scissors there…(Cut with left hand.)
And she bought some gum… (Begin chewing.)
And she blew a bubble there…
And she blew, and she blew, and she blew, and POP! 
                                              (Extend hands by mouth.)

18.  Fast Food Song

Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut,                (Arms out in a circle.)
Kentucky Fried Chicken            (Flap arms like a chicken.)
And Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut,
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And Pizza Hut.

MacDonald’s, MacDonald’s,  (Hands together in front and then up
Kentucky Fried Chicken              and over like an arch.)
And Pizza Hut.
MacDonald’s, MacDonald’s,
Kentucky Fried Chicken
And Pizza Hut.

Burger King and Taco Bell   (Make crown with hands on “King,”
                                               and shake head on “Bell.”)

Dairy Queen and Arby’s      (Pretend to milk a cow on “Dairy Queen”
                               and twirl hand in the air like a lasso on “Arby’s”.)
Red Lobster and Wendy’s  (Hands like pincers on “Lobster” and
                                pretend to make hamburger patty for Wendy’s.)

19.  Tooty Ta

Chorus:            A tooty ta, a tooty ta,   (Hands over head and clap.)
A tooty ta ta.
Thumbs up.        (Stick up thumbs.)

Elbows back…   (Bend elbows back.)
Feet apart…       (Extend feet.)
Knees together…  (Put knees together.)
Bottoms up…  (Bend over and stick up bottom.)
Tongue out…   (Stick out tongue.)
Eyes shut…   (Close eyes.)
Turn around…  (Turn around.)

20. We Had a Good Day

We had a good day, we had a great day.  (Wiggle back and forth
                                                              on feet to the beat.)
So pat yourself on the back.   (Pat yourself on the back.)
We had a good day, we had a great day.
So pat yourself on the back.

We thought a lot today  (One finger in the air and turn in a circle.)
We learned in many ways,
So kiss your brain.  (Kiss fingertips and then kiss brain.)
We thought a lot today, we learned in many ways,
So kiss your brain.

It’s time to say so long and end with a song.  (Palms up and wiggle
                                                                  wrists to the beat.)
Wave good-bye to your friends.  (Wave hands.)
It’s time to say so long and end with a song.
Wave good-bye to your friends.


Thanks to Mark Dye for his engaging arrangements.
Thanks to Ken Veenstra of Progressive Media and Music for filming and producing the DVD.
Thanks to my kind and patient webmaster Alex May for posting this each month!

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