January 2009



Karo Bubbles

          2 cups Joy detergent
          6 cups water
          ¾ cup white Karo corn syrup

Combine the ingredients and let stand at room temperature. Make individual bubble wands for the children by twisting the end of a pipe cleaner into a circle.

Homemade Paper

Tear the newspaper into tiny pieces and soak in warm water for 10 minutes. Put the newspaper pulp in the blender and blend for 10-15 seconds. Squeeze out the excess liquid, then pat flat on the screen. Set the screen on rocks or bricks in the sun and dry.

  • Paint or decorate with ribbons, foil, buttons, etc.
  • Experiment by using funny papers, construction paper, wrapping paper, foil, etc.
  • Add food coloring or glitter to the paper pulp before drying.
  • Add small leaves and flowers to the pulp.

Hint! A spatter screen for frying pans works well to dry pulp.

Rainbow Rice
          1 bag of rice
          rubbing alcohol
          food coloring
          4 plastic bags

Divide rice into the four bags. Add 1 TB. rubbing alcohol and a squirt of food coloring to each bag and shake. Dry on wax paper. Mix together and use for sensory activities.

  • Color alphabet pasta and use for making words or crafts.
  • Color tube pasta and string into necklaces.

Glue Glob
          school glue
          food coloring
          heavy paper

Put a large glob of glue (1-2 TB.) in the middle of the paper. Add a drop of blue, yellow, and red food coloring to different corners of the glue. Roll the paper around to create colors and designs.

  • Glue globs are also fun to make on paper plates.

Shaving Cream Painting
          shaving cream (non-menthol)

Squirt a pile of shaving cream on a non-wood surface and let the children squish and play.

Hint! This is a great way to clean up tables and desks! Spaghetti Art

Cook spaghetti according to the package directions. Drain the noodles. Add a few drops of food coloring to the noodles and toss. Children can take the noodles and arrange them on a piece of paper. (No glue is needed because the starch in the noodles makes them stick to the paper.)

Flour and Salt Paint
          tempera paint

Mix ½ cup flour with ½ cup salt. Stir in 1 cup liquid tempera paint. (Add more or less paint depending on the thickness you desire. Apply to heavy paper with brushes, fingers, or Q-tips.

Hint! If you use dry tempera, you will obviously need to add water.

MAGIC WAND (Every magician needs a magic wand, so here’s one for you!) aluminum foil cardboard roller from a pants hanger glue glitter tape Take a sheet of foil and lay it diagonally on the table. Place the cardboard roller on one point and slowly roll it in the foil towards the opposite point. Tape the end of the foil and trim the ends. Dip one end of the wand in glue, then roll it in glitter. Taa daa!  


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