January 2009


Hips and Lips

Here’s a chant to say before leaving the classroom:

           Hips and lips
           Standing tall
           Now we’re ready
           For the hall

Pick Up Truck

If you have an old wagon, this is a unique way to use it in your classroom. One person each day is in charge of the pick up truck. That student goes around the classroom and picks up objects, scrap paper, and other items that are not in the right place and puts them back where they belong.

Magic E

One teacher explained that she tells her students that “e” is a magic letter. When “e” is at the end of a word, it “touches” the vowel in the middle with its magic wand and makes the letter say its name. She glues stars to the ends of toothpicks and the children take their “wands” tap the vowel in the middle to sound out the words.



Eileen Johnson shared this game that I know your students will LOVE! Write letters, words, numerals, or other skills on 20-30 cards. On two cards write “SPLAT!” Place all the cards face down on the floor. Children sit in a circle. One at a time children draw a card. If they know it and say it, then they can keep it. If someone draws “SPLAT!” everyone puts their hands up in the air and hits the floor as they say, “Splat!” That person has to put back all of her cards.


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