January 2009


Indoor Game Time


Every child will need one block from the block center for this game. The first child places their block on the floor. The second child places his or her block on top of the first block. The game continues as each child adds their block to the tower. When the “tower topples,” children get a block and the game begins all over again.
Have children count the blocks and see if they can beat their previous record.


You will need a small, soft ball for this game. Explain that the object of the game is to see how many times you can toss the ball without talking. Look at the person you are throwing the ball to so they will be ready. Silently count how many times we can throw the ball without talking or dropping it. If someone talks or drops the ball, then the game begins all over again.
Hint! Wad up a scrap piece of paper and use it in lieu of a ball.


One person is “it.” “It” chooses three friends to leave the classroom. While the three are out of the room, “it” walks around the room and places a penny in one child’s hands. All the children cup their hands as if they are holding the penny. The three children are then called back in the classroom. The three walk around the room opening hands until one finds the penny and says, “Penny, penny, I found the penny!” That child then becomes “it” and the game continues.
Hint! Let children hide a seasonal toy, such as a bunny, pumpkin, etc.


Give each child 2 paper plates. Put on some music and:

     • Clap the plates like cymbals.
     • Shuffle them to the beat.
     • Tap on the hips, shoulders, and other body parts.
     • Clap high, low, in front of you, behind.
     * Play “follow the leader” as children take turns doing something with their plates as peers follow along.
     • Place on the floor. Put one foot on each plate and skate around the room.
     • Skate backwards. Skate on one foot. Skate with a friend.

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