January 2009


Indoor Game Time


Children sit on the floor or in a chair in a circle. Put on some country music and have the children follow along:

     • Get the beat – Children clap hands or slap thighs.
     • Honor your partner – Children bow to friends on either side of them.
     • Say “howdy” – Shake hands with friends.
     • Give high five – High five to friends.
     • Dosie doe – Fold arms and clasp elbows as you nod.
     • Say “yee haw” – Finger in the air and twirl as you say, “Yee haw!”
     • Begin again clapping and slapping the beat.
Hint! Let children make up other dance motions they can do as they seat square dance.


Cut string or yarn into 18”-24” pieces. Pass a string out to each child. Have children hold the string with one hand and drag the other end on the floor. Explain that on the end of their string they have an imaginary pet. Ask children, “What is your pet? What is it’s name? What does it eat? What do you and your pet like to do together?”


The teacher begins by saying, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking names an object. First child says, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking names teacher’s object and names a second object. Next child says, “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking teacher’s object, first child’s object, and names a third object. The game continues as each child tries to remember previous objects. When a child forgets, begin the game all over again.
Hint! Name objects in alphabetical order. For example, first person says something that begins with an A, second person names something that begins with a B, and so on. “Pack a picnic” basket with food instead of a suitcase and play in a similar way..


Children will have fun “performing” and “stumping” their classmates with this game. One child at a time gets up in front of the room. The child acts out a nursery rhyme as their friends try and guess which one it might be. The first child to guess correctly gets to act out the next rhyme. (You might need to suggest rhymes to children.)
Hint! Children could also act out books, songs, feelings, animals, or other categories. You can let children make sounds or simply “pantomime.”


Children will need a partner for this game. Children face their partner and decide who will be the leader and who will follow. The “leader” makes motions with their face and body as the “follower” mimics everything they do. Switch places after several minutes.


What games did you enjoy playing inside when you were a child? Did you like “Doggie, Doggie”, “Gossip,” or “Simon Says”? Pass on those games and memories to your own children!

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