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Shelly says, "I'm not sure why I like hats so much, but in my classroom I've tried to make every Friday 'Hat Day.' So, every Friday we make a hat based on a story or poem we've read or the unit we're studying."

These are some of my favorite hat books.

Berenstain, Stan & Jan Old Hat, New Hat
Brumbeau, Jeff Miss Hunnicutt's Hat
Christelow, Eileen Olive and the Magic Hat
Clark, Emma Chichester Lunch with Aunt Augusta
Cushman, Doug Uncle Foster's Hat Tree
Geringer, Laura A Three Hat Day
Hanel, Wolfram The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Hat
Knudsen, Michelle Cat Hat
Lear, Edward The Quangle Wrangle's Hat
Lester, Helen A Porcupine Named Fluffy
Low, Alice Aunt Lucy Went to Buy a Hat
Lowell, Susan Little Red Cowboy Hat
Meddaugh, Susan Lulu's Hat
Pearson, Tracey C. The Purple Hat
Pratt, Pierre Sandra's Sun Hat
Reed, Lynn R. Pedro, His Perro adn the Alphabet Sombrero
Seuss, Dr. The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
  The Cat in the Hat
Slate, Joseph Miss Bindergarten has a Wild Day in Kindergarten
Smath, Jerry A Hat so Simple
Spinelli, Eileen Do You Have a Hat?
Van Laan, Nancy This is the Hat
Weninger, Brigitte The Elf's Hat
Willard, Nancy The Mouse, the Cat and Grandmother's Hat
Just the Hats
Modeled Hats