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Sock Snowman - You will need a white tube sock and some fiber fill for this project. Children stuff 3 large handfuls of fiber fill into the toe of the sock to make the snowmanís body. Tie off with yarn or string. Stuff 2 large handfuls to make the middle section. Tie off. Stuff 1 large handful for the head and tie off at the top. Invert the top of the sock and pull over the head for a hat. Children can decorate with markers, felt scraps, etc. Encourage them to name their snowman and tell a story about what they would do if it were real.

Snowman Addition - Draw snowmen on poster board similar to the one shown. Laminate. Children make sets (or write addends) in the top two balls and then put the sum in the bottom ball.

Icebergs - Fill plastic containers with water. Add food coloring and freeze. Place these in your water table and tell the children they are icebergs. Add walruses, polar bears, and other plastic arctic animals.

Science Experiment - Give each child a clear cup with an ice cube in it. Ask them to draw a picture of what it looks like. Have them predict how many minutes it will take their ice cube to melt. Encourage them to draw what it looks like after five minute intervals.