"Alphardy" is one of my favorite songs because the sounds get "stuck in your brain"! Thanks to Sandy Elsasser, this month you'll be able to download a book to use as you sing this song. (Sandy is my friend who does the adorable "Tooty Ta" and "Kiss Your Brain!" shirts.) She's done a large version in color to use as a large group activity, as well as a smaller version in black so each child could have his or her own copy.

You will find several other books to download, too. Just use the links on the left to see the other pages.

Here are some other suggestions for using these wonderful graphics!

Wall Chart -Attach to a wall or bulletin board. Have children point to the letters as you sing.

Flashlight -Turn off the lights and have children shine on the letters with a flashlight. (One teacher attached the letter cards to the ceiling tiles and bought each child a flashlight at a dollar store. At rest time, children laid on their backs and shined their lights on the appropriate letter as they sang the song.)

Environmental Print -Make a similar book using environmental print.

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