August 2004

Name Games

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What's your name?
    Puddin and tane.

Ask me again
    And I'll tell you the same.

Do you remember that rhyme? Our name is important to us at all ages. Names are also a perfect springboard for creating a classroom community and integrating reading skills. Here are some songs, chants, books, and activities to help children build friendships and feel special the whole year through!


Cut 3" circles (cookies) out of poster board.
Write each child's name on the "cookie."
Place the cookies in an empty cookie box or bag.
Choose one name at a time and use it in the chant below:
Who ate the cookie in the cookie jar?
Child's name ate the cookie in the cookie jar.
Who me? (First child responds.)
Yes you. (Class chants.)
Couldn't be? (First child.)
Then who? (Class chants.)
Second child's name ate the cookie
in the cookie jar. (Choose a second child's name)
Hint! Put the child's photo on one side of the cookie and the name on the other side. Give children a spatula and let them play a game where they try to read each other's names, and then flip the cookie over to see if they are correct.
Give each child a cookie to eat for snack. Take a picture of them eating their cookies, and then make a book with their pictures and the above chant.

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