JULY 2004

Back to School with a BLAST!!

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The Name of My School

Do you get tired of children saying, “Teacher, teacher!” the first few days of school?
This song will enable them to learn the name of their teacher, school, principal, as well as their community, city, state, and country.

Take photographs of yourself, the principal, the school, your community, and so forth. Glue pictures to construction paper and write a verse similar to those below on each page.
Sing the words to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus.”
The name of my school is (school’s name), (school’s name), (school’s name).
The name of my school is (school’s name).
That’s the name of my school.

The name of my teacher is (teacher’s name), (teacher’s name), etc.

Hint! Include social studies concepts so children learn the name of your mayor, governor, the President, your continent, etc."

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