MAY 2004


Great ideas for parents and children to do together!

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You've worked so hard this year, so here are some ideas that will help children keep learning over the summer months with their parents. The activities can easily be adapted to the level of your students. You could also integrate some of your specific goals and standards.
Education is a partnership between the teacher, parents, and children. All parents want their child to do well in school, but they don't always know what to do. These activities will demonstrate once again that "learning" does not come in a kit or computer program.. The things that children need and want most from us - TIME, LOVE, ATTENTION - are free! These ideas will not only reinforce skills over the summer, but they will also encourage parents to spend quality time with their child. What a win-win project!
You'll find sample activities, as well as different suggestions for making them easy to use. Be sure to include outings to your public library or other special events in your community. Think about multiple intelligences with suggestions for developing small motor skills, as well as language, math, science, music, art, and social skills.


You may want to make a monthly calendar for the child to do each day over the summer. Just take a blank calendar and type in a different activity in each section. Let the children mount the calendar pages on construction paper or make a decorative magnet to attach the calendar on their refrigerator.





Invite parents for a workshop and involve them in making the summer calendar, "Can of Fun," or summer journal. Encourage them to personalize the activities by using relatives' names, pets, and special things their child enjoys.





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