MAY 2004


Great ideas for parents and children to do together!

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Have children bring in a plastic or cardboard can from icing, potato chips, or drink mix. (Avoid tin cans because the edge can be sharp.) Write summer activities so they can be cut in strips and placed in the can. Let children cover their cans with paper and decorate with drawings, stickers, or collage materials. Put the strips of summer fun in the can. Send the can home with a note encouraging the parents to let their child select a strip each day and do the activity.

Hint! You can also use a plastic sand bucket or seasonal cup for this project.





How about a website your children could visit with their parents to find new ideas and projects? You could also provide links to other educational sites parents and children would enjoy together. For starters, you might choose some websites from my list here at Click here for my list.


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