November, 2018


Carolyn Kisloski and I are grateful for YOU, and that’s why we’d like to share some of the activities from our “November Happies” with you.  You’ll find handshakes, cheers, attention grabbers, and finger plays with a QR code where I demonstrate them. 

You’ll also find written directions and pictures so you can laminate them, punch a hole, and put them on a book ring so they will be at your fingertips.  We’ve got activities for beginning writers, days of the week, math, reading, and science, plus a special idea for Veteran’s Day.  

We hope we can add some smiles and fun to your month!

Jean & Carolyn



Each month, we share brand new handshakes, cheers, attention grabbers,
and finger plays- with a QR code of Dr. Jean demonstrating each one,
followed by written directions and pictures for each.

This month includes:

Handshakes: Turkey, Farmer
Cheers: Hamburger, Catch a Star, Pencil Sharpener
Attention Grabber: Hands on Top
Finger Plays: Mr. Turkey and Mr. Duck, The Finger Band



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