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Who Let the Letters Out?

A teacher at a recent workshop said, “You need to make a CD with all of your alphabet songs.”  It was a great idea so we have a new download with 20 alphabet songs.  Click here to order the arrangements, or just use the lyrics with your own tunes.


Who Let the Letters Out?

Who let the A out?
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/
Who let the B out? 
/b/ /b/ /b/ /b/ /b/…Z

*Put hands in the air and wave or make dance motions as you sing.  You might do the swim, twist, hitch hike, salsa, funky monkey, etc.

The Alphabet in My Mouth

I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth.   (Point to mouth.)
I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth.In My Mouth
I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth,
And I can read.
I’ve got A - /a/ /a/ - in my mouth.       (Make sign language A.)
I’ve got B - /b/ /b/ - in my mouth.       (Make sign language B.) 
I’ve got C - /c/ /c/ - in my mouth,        (Make sign language C.)
And I can read…Z
I’ve got all the letters in my mouth
And I’m ready to read!                       (Open hands like a book.)

*Take a close up photo of each child with their mouth wide open.  Enlarge the photos and then glue a different letter on each child’s tongue.  Write appropriate words on each page and put them together to make a class book.
Hint!  If you don’t have 26 students, take photos of the principal, secretary, and other school helpers.

Sing and Sign

Children repeat each line.
Where is A?  (Hands behind back.)
Here I am.   (Make sign for “a.”)
What do you say, A?
/a/, /a/, /a/.
Where is B?...Z

Happy Birthday Letters

Yo, A,
It’s your birthday.   (Bend over like a rapper.)
Let’s all read
Like your birthday.
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/  (Fists together and make circular motion clockwise.)
/a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/  (Fists together and go counterclockwise.)
Yo, B…etc.

  • Have children stand in a circle.  When the letter their name starts with comes up in the song, they get to dance in the middle of the circle.
  • This is a great song for a school program.  Ask children to bring in baseball caps and sunglasses.  Make microphones by covering toilet paper rolls with aluminum foil.  Children turn their caps backwards as they sing like rappers.


This Is a Tale

Letter Tales

This is a tale about the letter A.       
It makes a special sound.
/a/ /a/ /a / /a/ A!
Let’s learn another sound….

*Here is a link to a book for this song.  Use for choral reading or in the listening center.


A for apple a-a-a.  (Pretend to eat an apple.)
B for bounce B-B-B.  (Bounce a ball.)
C for cut c-c-c.  (Open and close index and middle fingers as if cutting.)
D for dig d-d-d.  (Pretend to dig.)
E – elbow  (Point to elbow.)
F – fan  (Fan self with hand.)
G – gallop  (Gallop in place.)
H – hop  (Hop on one foot.)
I – itch  (Scratch self.)
J – jump  (Jump up and down.)
K – kick  (Little kicks with foot.)
L – love  (Hug self.)
M – munch  (Move mouth as if eating.)
N – nod  (Nod head.)
O – opera  (Extend arms and sing dramatically.)
Q – quiet  (Index finger on lips.)
R.  – run  (Run in place.)
S – sew  (Pretend to hold a needle and sew.)
T – talk  (Open and close fingers like a mouth.)
U – upside  (Lean over.)
V – volley  (Hands in air and pretend to volley a ball.)
W – wiggle   (Wiggle all over.)
X – x-ray   (Make “x” with arms.)
Y – yawn  (Extend arms and pretend to yawn.)
Z – zigzag  (Make an imaginary “z” in the air.)
Letter sounds are all you need.
Put them together and you can read!  (Hold palms together and open like a book.)

*Download a book that goes with the song at
*You can also download an individual poster for children to point to as Alphardythey sing.
Hint!  Glue a wiggly eye to a craft stick to make a pointer.  Or give children a Bugle or pretzel that they can eat after they’ve sung the song.Poster

  • Adapt this song to different themes or holidays.  For example, you could use foods, animals, things you love, etc. 
  • Use children’s names in the song.   For example:  B for Bianca /b/ /b/ /b/   L for Laura /l/ /l/ /l/ /l/ /l/ /l/

Seven Little Letters

Seven little letters went out one day   (Hold up 7 fingers.)
Over the hills and far away.               (Hand over eyes.)
When the teacher called /m/, /m/, /m/, /m/,  (Cup hands around mouth.)
Only the letter “M” came back.
Continue with /t/, /f/, /g/, /d/, /s/, /p/…

  • Place magnetic letters on the board or on a document camera and remove one letter at a time.
  • Pin large letters to students and let them act out the song.


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