Bridging “Play” and “Standards” through Centers


Bridging “Play” and “Standards” through Centers

Add these materials to learning centers in your classroom to encourage children to read and write in meaningful ways:

Math –           paper, pencil, adding machine tape
                      coupons, calculator, play money
                      graphs, posters
                      counting books, shape books

Science –       charts, research books, identification books
                      science magazines, labeled collections
                      clipboard, pens, notebook

Dramatic Play – shopping list, chalk board
                      memo pad, pens, pencils
                      magazines, books
                      puppets, stuffed animals, babies to “read” to
                      junk mail, menus, catalogs
                      class phone book

Blocks –        paper and markers to make labels and signs
                     blue prints, sticky notes
                     photos of different homes and buildings
                     block book, alphabet blocks

Art –            Rebus direction charts, labels for materials
                    variety of art media, markers, paint




Computer –  reading games, printer
                    kinder keyboard, fly swatter
                    file folder PC
Table Toys –  play dough, letter cookie cutters
                      play dough book, sewing cards
                      letter beads to string
                      paper, hole punch, scissors
                      letter stencils, colored pencils

Sand and Water – magnetic letters (hide in sand)
                        ping pong balls (write letters and
                        words on them and children
                        scoop with fishnet)

Playground –  letter hopscotch
                      beach balls with letters
                      chalk board for keeping score
                      giant chalk to write with on sidewalk

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