Singing Standards
March, 2013

 “Music is the most convenient way to learn anything.”
Dr. Pat Wolfe

“People sing because they’re happy,
and they’re happy because they sing!”

“Music is a way to help us love each other.”
Pete Seeger

“For thousands of years people have used
music to lighten their loads.” 
Pete Seeger

“Children’s brains light up like a Christmas
 tree when they are engaged in music.”

Has anyone ever told you that you “can’t sing”?  I’ve been told that myself many times.  That’s the great thing about children.  They don’t know you can’t sing if you put a smile on your face and act enthusiastic.  Someone once reminded me that “a gift from the heart is always received by the heart.”  We may not all be rock stars or be able to play an instrument, but we can share the magic and joy of music in our classrooms every day.  And with all the academic pressure, music is clearly the “spoonful of sugar” to help the medicine go down.

The secret is that when you are singing you are actually reinforcing many Common Core State Standards as well as 21st Century skills!  It is important that teachers explain the value of music and movement to their students, as well as to parents and administrators.  “Sure my students are singing and smiling and having fun, but this is what else they are learning!”

You will find many powerpoints for both literacy and math on the following pages as well as a free song and other information on the Downloads page.


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