Indoor Game Time



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Math Is Fun (730 KB powerpoint file)

from the CD Totally Math
available for download in
Dr. Jean's Song Store

Math Is Fun (Color) (867 KB pdf file)

Math Is Fun (Grayscale) (846 KB pdf file)

Whirly Bird (107 KB pdf file)

Mirror, Mirror (66 KB pdf file)

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Math Is Fun powerpoint

Math Is Fun (Color) pdf

Math Is Fun (Grayscale) pdf

Whirly Bird pdf

Mirror, Mirror pdf

Fingerplays pdf

YouTube Postings - Fingerplays

Booklet with lyrics to fingerplays - This is a pdf file that can be printed as a two-sided booklet.

Dr. Jean and Dr. Holly collaborated to produce some videos demonstrating fingerplays. Click the following titles to see the videos on YouTube.

Finger Plays with Dr Jean I

Finger Plays with Dr Jean II

Finger Plays with Dr Jean III

Finger Plays with Dr Jean IV

Finger Plays with Dr Jean V

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