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Our New President (271 KB pdf file) Printable book for Barack Obama's song.
Created by Dr. Holly.

Dr. Jean created an impromptu recording of "Our New President" for this month. This recording was not done in a studio. We hope that you find it helpful to introduce this song to your students. Click here to download the mp3 sound file.

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At this time, January 2009, we cannot locate any up-to-date PowerPoint viewers for the Mac.

Baby Fish (766 KB ppt file)
Beaver Call (294 KB ppt file)
Over in the Meadow (194 KB ppt file)
Three PPTs created by
Kristina Sica,
PPCD Teacher,
Pattison Elementary School
Katy, TX
from the CD Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs
available for download in
Dr. Jean's Song Store

Calendar Pages (various size pdf files) Sharon Roden, Kindergarten teacher, Mooneyham Elementary School

September January
October February
November March
December April

Thanks to Martha Sheehan for sharing reading calendars with us last winter.

Now, Sharon Roden has created calendars for the entire school year. Thanks to Sharon for creating this set of reading calendars. Special thanks to D.J. Inkers for so generously sharing her graphics. What a wonderful way for parents to connect with their children and plant a love of reading!

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Our New President pdf

Baby Fish powerpoint

Beaver Call powerpoint

Over in the Meadow powerpoint

Calendar Pages
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