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Backpack Boogie (2 MB zip file)
PPT created by Sharon Roden, Kindergarten teacher
Dr. J. M. Ogle Elementary School
from the CD All Day Long available for download in
Dr. Jean's Song Store

Zip files may be new to you. They are very useful for transferring large files and folders with multiple files. This zip file has a folder with two files inside. One is a powerpoint file, and one is an excerpt of an mp3 file containing part of the Backpack Boogie song.

Your computer may be set up for zip files already. Just downloading the file may result in a screen with choices that takes you through the process. If you are asked if you want to Open or Save, choose Save. Just pay attention to where your computer tells you the file is being saved. Usually, it will go in the My Documents folder.

Click this link to see a short tutorial about using zip files. Many people have told us that they try to find a student who knows how to work with zip files. They ask the student to show them how to unzip files.

Alternate download link:

If the link above fails to work, try this link for Backpack Boogie instead.


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