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I Love Poems!
February, 2008 -

This month’s activities will feature how to use poetry in your classrooms. Children forget many things, but when you put a rhyme in their hearts it will be there forever!

Here are eight great reasons for integrating poetry in 2008:

  1. Poetry develops oral language.
  2. Poetry develops auditory memory.
  3. Poetry helps children make print connections
  4. Poetry develops phonological awareness (rhyme, rhythm, alliteration).
  5. Poetry enhances fluency.
  6. Poetry develops vocabulary.
  7. Poetry sparks children’s interest in reading.
  8. Poetry helps children fall in love with language.

According to the National Institute for Literacy, “Poetry is especially suited to fluency practice because poems for children are often short and they contain rhythm, rhyme, and meaning, making practice easy, fun, and rewarding.”

National Standards recommend reading a wide range of print and employing a wide range of writing strategies. Poems can be particularly effective in helping students participate as a member of a literary community for learning and enjoyment.

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