November, 2007 -

Turkey Glyph – Give each child a cut-out of a turkey’s body. Provide them with paper feathers in the following colors. Children can add feathers to their turkey according to the foods they plan to eat for their Thanksgiving Dinner:

green – beans or peas
yellow – corn
white - mashed potatoes
orange – pumpkin pie
red – cranberries
purple – gravy
blue – dressing
brown – turkey
black – roll

Turkey Glyph
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Thanksgiving Bracelet – You will need pipe cleaners and colored beads for this project. Tell the story of the first Thanksgiving by placing the following beads on the pipe cleaner.

White bead – The Pilgrims sailed on a ship with tall, white sails.
Blue bead – They sailed on the blue Atlantic Ocean.
Green bead – They were so happy when the finally spied land.
Black bead - After a very hard year, they decided to celebrate and have a huge feast to thank God and thank their new friends they found in America.
Red bead – They ate cranberries.
Orange bead – They ate pumpkin pie.
Yellow bead – They ate corn.
Brown bead – And, of course, they ate turkey!

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together to make a bracelet for the children to wear as they retell the story.

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