Witch's Stew

How about a little witch's stew for snack? You will need 5 lunch sacks, 1 large bowl, Cheerios, pretzel sticks, fish crackers, raisins, M & Mís, and ice cream cones. Write "frog eyes" on one sack and fill with Cheerios. Write "salted bones" on the second sack and fill with pretzel sticks. Write "fish" on the third sack and fill with fish crackers. Write "toad noses" on the fourth sack and fill with raisins. Write "lizard gizzards" on the fifth sack and fill with M&M's. Place the large bowl on the floor and make up a story about collecting all the items for your witch's stew. One at a time let children come up and dump the contents in the bowl. Stir with a spoon as you sing the song, "Stirring Our Brew," from the previous page. Serve in ice cream cones.

(Hint! You can substitute oyster crackers, peanuts, miniature marshmallows, or other snack foods for any of the ingredients.)

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Handprint Art

Trace around childrenís hands and feet on white paper. Glue to black construction paper and let children add details.

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Scary Things

Halloween is a good time to talk about things that are real and things that are pretend. Make a T-chart of things that are real and pretend. This would also be a good time to talk about things that scare us. I always share things that scare me, and that usually encourages the children to open up and talk about things that scare them, too. Everybody's afraid of something, and that's O.K. Make a class book called "Scary Things" where each child draws her fears and dictates or writes a story about them

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