Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo – May 5th

Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo!         (Hands on hips and do a little
That’s the fifth of May.                          cha-cha- dance.)
Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo!
What a happy holiday!

All day long we’ll have a fiesta -           (Clap hands.)
We’ll sing and clap our hands!
We’ll have piñatas and play maracas   (Pretend to shake maracas.)
Like a mariachi band!

At the Battle of Puebla                       (Children get a partner and loop
In eighteen-hundred sixty-two             arms and dance in a circle.)
Mexico fought for independence.
Viva Mexico! It’s true!


Teach children to count in Spanish. Learn other common phrases and practice them on Cinco de Mayo


Make your own piñata with 2 paper plates, tissue paper, construction paper, candy and small toys. Staple the 2 plates together leaving a 5” opening at the top. Put the goodies inside and staple the opening. Let children decorate with tissue paper, markers, stickers, etc. Punch a hole in the top and tie on a piece of string as shown. Hang from the end of a broom. Roll up several pieces of newspaper to make a bat to swing at the piñata. Blindfold one child at a time, turn her around, and let her have 3 tries to break the piñata. (I always made it impossible to break the piñata open until everyone had a turn.) The child to break the piñata gets to pass out the treats to her classmates.

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