It's Bunny Time -

Flip, Flop, Hop (Wheels on the Bus)

The ears on the bunny go flip, flop, flop    (Hands over head
Flip, flop, flop,                                             and wiggle.)
Flip, flop, flop.
The ears on the bunny go flip, flop, flop,
Flip, flip, flop.

The nose on the bunny goes twitch, twitch, twitch…     (Wiggle nose.)
The eyes on the bunny go blink, blink, blink…              (Blink eyes.)
The tail on the bunny goes wiggle, wobble, wobble…   (Wiggle hips.) The feet on the bunny go hop, hop, hop…           (Hop up and down.)

Bunny Ears - Make headbands to wear as you sing the song. First cut a strip of paper to fit around each child’s head. (Sentence strips work well for this.) Next, let children trace, color, and cut rabbit ears similar to the ones shown. Staple to the headbands and hop, hop, hop!

bunny ears

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Drawing Rabbits - Teach children how to draw a bunny from two circles. Add detail to the bunny as you sing the song. Hint! You can also make rabbits out of play dough.

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Bunny Basket - Fold the sack in half lengthwise as shown.  Draw ears on the sack.  Cut on the lines and then cut off the sides.  Open the sack.  Staple the top points to make ears.  Put a face and cotton tail on your bunny basket.

bunny basket

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Hand Bunny - Trace around each child’s hand and cut out. Cut off the middle finger. Fold down the pinky and thumb. Glue on a sheet of paper and add a mouth, whiskers, eyes, and nose.

hand bunny

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