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January, 2007 - Happy Everything!

Each month this coming year you will find holiday and seasonal activities and songs. Children love to sing and they love to celebrate, so this is a great way to create happiness in your classroom. Most of the songs go to familiar tunes, so they are easy to sing even if you don’t have the “Happy Everything” CD. There are suggestions for movements for the songs, as well as ideas to extend the songs through art, writing, cooking, and games. You will also find some books you can download so children can “read and sing along.”

Note! Many of the songs are from my own childhood, while others were created by my daughter (Dr. Holly) to reflect a more diverse classroom. Many relate to National Holidays, which are a part of most standards. We tried to put a little something for everyone so that you can “pick and choose” the ones that are appropriate for your curriculum and your students.

Hinderaker’s Hat Club
Hats off to 2007!    Shelley Hinderaker of Madison, WI, has a great “hat” idea to share with you. Every Friday she and her students make hats. These usually relate to a unit of study, season, book, etc. When you see her adorable pictures, you’ll want to join her “hat club!” She has also provided a resource list of books about hats. You can email Shelley at for more information. Click here to see just the hats. Click here to see the hats modeled.

Kelly’s Kindergarten ( You won’t believe this awesome website! Kelly is a kindergarten teacher and she has a wealth of games, ideas, and activities you can download FREE! Kelly has created Power Point presentations to go with many of my songs. Although you can’t download the music, you can download her incredible presentations. What a fun, multi-sensory way to reinforce skills!

Click here for info about Camp Kindergarten