Dr. Jean Feldman

Many question what is the point of doing the “Tooty Ta,” or singing and dancing.  Here is my response!

It’s alright to have a good time!  Life is short and we all need to have a little more fun!!!!  And although it looks like we’re just singing and playing, which we are, there’s so much more going on in the brain!

*Social - Singing creates positive feelings and a “classroom community.”

            Singing relieves stress and creates feelings of “well being.”

            Relationships between teachers and students are strengthened as they
            enjoy something together.

            Children learn to listen and follow directions

*Physical - Singing and dancing oxygenate the brain. 

            Singing is multi-sensory and improves gross motor skills and coordination.

            Cross lateral activities force both sides of the brain to communicate.

*Language - Singing enhances phonological awareness, which is a key to beginning reading.   Alliteration, rhyme, and rhythm are developed in a natural way.

            Oral language and auditory memory are nurtured through songs and rhymes.

            Fluency is strengthened through repetition of the words.

            Children get to use their imaginations and create pictures in their brains,
            which will help them with comprehension when they read.

*Math - Sequence and patterning skills are developed.

            When you give children a worksheet, they rarely say, “Can I do that again?” 

            With a song and movement activity, they will be motivated to “do it again.”

            Every song, every poem, every finger play, every chant is building a
            foundation for literacy.   Above all, they put a smile on children’s faces and
            help them fall in love with language! 

Resources:  Common sense, personal experience,,, brain research.