August 2004

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This activity will bring back fond memories of Romper Room! Read more about Romper Room here. Use your browser's Back button to return to this page.
First, take an old picture frame and spray paint it gold or silver. Glue on "jewels" or glitter. Hold it in front of your face as you sing this song to the tune of "Go In and Out My Window."

Looking through My Window


I'm looking through my window.
I'm looking through my window.
I'm looking through my window,
And I see my friend (first child's name).
First child takes the picture frame and looks through it as you sing the song.
The first child names a second friend and passes the frame to him or her.
The song continues until everyone has had a turn.
(You can also cut a frame from cardboard and use it to sing the song.)
Make a "peek a boo" book using this same tune. Write the words to the song at the top of the page. Glue the child's picture to the bottom of the page, then tape a flap to cover the picture as shown. Children sing the song, and then "peek a boo" their friend.

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