Dr. Jean and Friends

My Mother is a Baker

My mother is a baker, a baker, a baker.
My mother is a baker.
She always goes like this, "Yum! Yum!"

My father is a trash man, "Pee Yew."
My sister is a singer, "La ta de da,
   and a toodley doo."
My brother is a cowbow, "Yee haw!"
My doggie is a licker, "Slurp, slurp."
My kitty is a scratcher, "Hssss."
My baby is a whiner, "Waaaa."
My granpa is an engineer, "Toot, toot."

Dr. Knicker Bocker

Dr. Knicker Bocker, Knicker Bocker, Number 9,    (Clap and snap fingers to the beat.)
We can get the rhythm most any old time.
So let's get the rhythm in our hands - clap, clap.
Oh, we can get the rhythm in our hands - clap, clap.
   (Clap hands.)
Feet - "Stomp, stomp."  (Stomp feet.)
Heads - "Ding dong."
   (Move head from side to side.)
Hips - "Hot dog!"   (Wiggle hips.)
Arms - "Whoopee!"   (Shake arms in air.)
Sides - "Siiides."   (Run arms up sides.)
All over!   (Repeat all movements.)

Nursery Rhyme Rap
(Tune: "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall")

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

Chorus: Oh, A B C D E F G,
H I J K L,
M N O P,
Q R S,

Humpty Dumpty . . .

Little Miss Muffet . . .
Hey, diddle diddle . . .
Little Boy Blue . . .
Hickory Dickory Dock . . .

Miss Sue from Alabama

Miss Sue, Miss Sue, Miss Sue from Alabama. Sitting in her rocker,
Eating Betty Crocker,
Watching the clock go
Tick-tock, tick-tock banana rock.
Tick-tock, tick-tock banana rock.
A B C D E F G,
Wash those spots right off of me.
Oosha mama, oosha mama,
Oosha mama, FREEZE!

My Hands on My Head

My hands on my head,
Que esta aqui?
This is my cabeza my mamacita.
Cabeza, cabeza, la, la, la, la.
That's what I learned in my school. Si, si!

Eyes -ojos
Ears - orejas
Nose - nariz
Mouth - boca
Stomach - estomago
Feet - pies

Tooty Ta (Echo Chant)

Chorus: A tooty ta, a tooty ta, A tooty ta ta.

Thumbs up . . .
Elbows back . . .
Feet apart . . .
Knees together . . .
Bottoms up . . .
Tongue out . . .
Eyes shut . . .
Turn around . . .


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