Dr. Jean and Friends

Today Is Sunday

Today is Sunday.
   (Put hands in arm pits and
      flap like a chicken.)
Sunday - chicken. All you lucky children,
Well, that's O.K.

Monday - peanut butter
    (Extend left hand and spread peanut
       butter with right hand.)
Tuesday - snap beans
    (Snap fingers.)
Wednesday - soup
    (Pretend to slurp soup.)
Thursday - ice cream
    (Pretend to lick a cone.)
Friday - hotdogs
    (Slap hands together.)
Saturday - pizza
    (Extend palm in air as if
       carrying a pizza.)

Five Little Monkeys

Five little monkeys swinging from a tree,
    (Hold up five fingers.)
Teasing Mr. Alligator, "Can't catch me."
Along came Mr. Alligator quiet as can be,
And snatched a monkey right out of that tree!

(As you continue, hold up appropriate
     number of fingers on hand.)
Four little monkeys . . .
Three little monkeys . . .
Two little monkeys . . .
One little monkey . . .

(After the last monkey, stick thumbs in ears and tease.)
Say, "Missed me, missed me.
Now you gotta kiss me!"

Activity: Glue round felt circles to plastic
  headbands to make monkey ears. Let
  five children pretend to be monkeys, and
  choose one child to be the alligator as
  they act out the song.

Tarzan (Echo chant)

Tarzan. (Cup hands around mouth.)
Swimming on a rubber band.
    (Swing arms in air.)
Fell into a frying pan. (Pretend to hold frying pan.) Now Tarzan has a tan.

Flying in an airplane. (Extend arms as if flying.)
Crashed into a freeway lane.
Now Jane has a pain. (Bend back.)

Rocking to the beat - a. (Snap fingers.)
Got caught by an amoeba.
Now Cheetah is Velveeta.
   (Pretend to spread on left arm.)


Elephants walk like this and that.
They're terribly big and terribly fat.
They have no hands, they have no toes.
But goodness, gracious, what a nose!

Mother Goony Bird
(Tune: "Father Abraham")

Mother Goony Bird had 7 chicks.
And 7 chicks had Mother Goony Bird.
And they couldn't swim - NO!
And they couldn't fly - NO!
All they did was go like this - right arm.
    (Flap right arm.)

Add left arm . . . right foot . . . left foot . . .
   (Add other movements.)
Nod your head . . . turn around, sit down!

Activity: Use this song to help children line
  up or to move to a new activity.

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