Summer, 2007

We Love Our Flag - June 14th
(Tune: "Farmer in the Dell")

We love our flag. (Pretend to wave a flag as you sing.)
We love our flag.
We love America
And we love our flag.

Red, white, and blue, (Hold up 3 fingers.)
Red, white, and blue,
The colors of our country’s flag
Are red, white, and blue.

50 stars of white (Open and shut fingers like stars.)
On a field of blue
Stand for 50 states
Where we live, it’s true.

Thirteen stripes (March in place like soldiers.)
In red and white
Stand for the colonies
For freedom they did fight.

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Flags - Teach children flag etiquette and the importance of not dragging the flag on the ground. Give children red, white, and blue paper and challenge them to design a flag.

Cupcakes - Celebrate Flag Day with flag cupcakes. Place flat bottom cones in cupcake pans. Fill half full with cake mix. Bake according to directions until lightly brown on top. Cool. Spread white icing and stick a flag toothpick in top.

Parade - Everybody loves a parade! Give each child 2 paper plates and ask them to color them with markers or crayons. Use the plates like cymbals as you march around the classroom or playground to some patriotic music.


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