Water Cycle Bracelet - You will need pipe cleaners and beads (clear, white, blue, red) for this project. After teaching your children the water cycle song below, let them string beads on a pipe cleaner to represent the different stages. String the following beads on the pipe cleaner in this order: clear bead (evaporation), white bead (condensation), blue bead (precipitation), red bead (accumulation), and clear bead (evaporation). Adjust the pipe cleaner to the child’s wrist, twist, and trim off excess.


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The Water Cycle -

(“My Darlin’ Clementine”)
Evaporation                           (push palms up)
Condensation                        (hands together in air)
Precipitation all around          (wiggle fingers down)
Accumulation                         (sweep arms in circle)
Evaporation                           (push palms up)
The water cycle goes
Round and round                  (make circles with arms)

What If? - Have children draw pictures and write stories of what they would do if they were a raindrop.

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Raindrop Pictures - Let children draw pictures on colored construction paper. Give them a cup of white paint and a Q-tip and let them make it rain on their picture.

Webbing - Make an attribute web of all the things that benefit from rain.  Use a T-chart to brainstorm positive and negative things about rain.

Make Rain - Make “rain” as a transition activity to quiet children. Hold up one palm and tap with one finger from the other hand. Next, slowly add another finger and tap with two, then three, four, and five. (At this point you can also stomp your feet to make thunder.) Reverse the process by tapping with five fingers, then four, three, two, one. Quietly place your hands in your lap. It will really sound like a rain storm is coming and then going away.