MARCH 2004


Lunch Sack Book - Take four or five lunch sacks and fold up the bottom of each. Staple the open ends of the bags together as shown. (Click here to see illustration.) Glue a picture so half of it is hidden under the bag. Children guess what it could be, then open up.

Hint! You can make other books from this format using riddles, words and pictures, children's names, etc.


Gift Bag Book - Cut the front and back off a gift bag. Cut off the handle. Cut paper the size of the gift bag and staple between the back and front covers. Attach the handle.

Hint! Buy a seasonal bag each month and make a class book.




Pencil Pocket Book - Attach several pencil pockets together with book rings. Label each pocket with a numeral. Children select that number of toys or other small items and place them in the pocket.

Hint! Use for addition and subtraction, making sets with money, sorting pictures and beginning sounds, etc.

Ask parents to send in old greeting cards. Cut off the front of each card and then use it as a pattern to cut blank paper. Staple the paper to the cards to make books.

Mylar Balloon Book - Deflate the balloon. Laminate. Cut a back from poster board. Cut newsprint the size of the balloon for pages in the book. Punch holes at the top and tie with a ribbon.


Sentence Strip Book - Write predictable sentences on five or six sentence strips. Let children illustrate. Hole punch each on the left and insert a book ring. Encourage children to sweep their hand from left to right as they read.

Hint! Write poems, songs, or nursery rhymes on sentence strips and use them in a pocket chart. Follow up by turning them into one of these books.