MARCH 2004


Animal Cookie Book - Cut the front and back off a box of animal cookies. Cut paper the size of the box and staple between the front and the back. Re-attach the string handle.


Grocery Sack Book - Cut the front and back off grocery sacks. Let each child decorate a page with a nursery rhyme or song they like. Add the words to each illustration, then hole punch and bind together.

Hint! Collect sacks from fast food restaurants. Glue a sack on each page of a grocery sack book and write, "We eat . . ."




Greeting Card Book - Ask parents to send in old greeting cards. Cut off the front of each card and then use it as a pattern to cut blank paper. Staple the paper to the cards to make books.

Hint! You could also hole punch and bind with ribbon or yarn.




Envelope Book - Write a word or sentence on the front of the envelope. Insert a picture on the inside. Staple several of these together.

Hint! Children can write descriptions of themselves on the outside,then place their photo on the inside. You could also use these books for math. Put addition, subtraction, or word problems on the front and the answer inside.


Baggie Book - Cut construction paper the size of the bag. Have children draw pictures and write sentences on the paper. Insert the pictures in the baggies and zip shut. Staple the bags together to make a class book.

Hint! Make similar books using sets of real objects, or items from nature. Label or have children write a predictable sentence and staple to the bag.




Children will also get a kick out of making a bathtub book. Give each child 4 baggies and paper cut to go in the bags. Let them write and illustrate a story, then staple the baggies together. What fun they'll have reading their books in the bathtub for homework!