January 2003


A Poem for All Seasons


"When you give children a song and a rhyme, you give them a gift that will last for all time!" Dr. Jean

It's true! When children learn a poem or a song, it stays in their heart and head for a lifetime! What better way to start the New Year than sharing these wonderful rhymes I've collected over the years! There are poems for "anytime", as well as poems for the four seasons.

You can write these on a language experience chart or use them in a pocket chart for shared reading. You can also give each child their own copy to save in a "Poetry Songbook." (You'll find suggestions for making a "Poetry Songbook" at the end of the poems.)

Clap them,


snap them,


sing them,


chant them!


Above all, ENJOY them!

Any-Time Poems

Summer Poems

Winter Poems

Fall Poems

Spring Poems

Poetry Songbook


Copyright 2003, Dr. Jean
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