January 2003


Poetry Songbook with three sample pages


Each child will need a three-ring notebook or a pocket folder.

First, let the children decorate their POETRY SONGBOOKS with markers, crayons, and other art materials.

  • Each week prepare a copy of a favorite song, poem, or rhyme that relates to a classroom theme. Here are three examples you can use: Traffic Light, Days of the Week, Apples. Click each one to download a pdf file you can print from Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Increase the font size and double space between words to meet children's visual needs.
  • After singing or saying the poem orally, tell the children that you have a copy of the song just for them so they can save it in their POETRY SONGBOOKS!
  • Distribute copies to the children and have them point to the words as you sing together.
  • Let them decorate their pages with their personal illustrations, then hole punch and put them in their notebooks.

Use during the week for:

  • Shared reading - sing or read together as a large group
  • Guided reading - use with a small group to reinforce skills such as letters, words, punctuation, etc.
  • Independent reading - use for quiet reading or buddy reading
  • Weekend homework - have children take these home each weekend and say or sing the poem to someone in their home. That person can sign their name and write their "compliments" on the page.

Hint! Add a wiggly eye to a jumbo craft stick to make a pointer for children to use as they read and sing along.

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