Many of you have suggested I put my cheers and celebrations on my web site. It's much easier to demonstrate them to you, but I've done my best to write out some simple directions. Use these cheers to encourage your class, focus their attention, take a "brain break," or put a smile on their faces!

Firecracker - Palms together in front of you as if praying. Make a sizzling sound (Ssssss) as you wiggle your palms up in the air like a firecracker going off. Clap them above your head, then wiggle your fingers around and down like the sparkles coming from a firecracker. Make an "Ahhhhhh" sound like people say when they see a firecracker.
Lookin' Good - Make a clicking noise as you make a pretend mirror around your face. Fluff hair as you say, "Lookin' good!"
Trucker Cheer - Tell children to "Grab your steering wheel." Make a "rrrrr" sound as you pretend to steer. Put fist in the air and to "Toot toot" as if pulling a horn. Next, put fist by mouth like it's a CB radio and say, "Good job, good buddy."
Snap, Crackle, Pop - Snap your fingers, rub your palms together, then clap your hands.
Catch a Star - Tell children to think of something special about themselves, then reach up (stretch hand up in the air), grab that star (pretend to grab a star), and put it in their heart (put your hand near your heart).
Oreo - Pretend to lick left palm, then lick right palm, then clap them together.
Rattlesnake - Put palms together then wiggle in front of you as you make a hissing (sssssss) sound. Quickly stick your tongue in and out like a snake.
Silent Cheer - Tell the children they can jump around, wave their hands in the air, and make as much noise as they want - as long as you don't hear them!
Hamburger - Pretend to make a hamburger by patting palms. Stick out right hand as if placing a hamburger on a skillet. Make a sizzling sound, then say, "Is it done?" Turn your hand over and say, "Not yet." Make a sizzling sound again, then say, "Is it done?" Turn your hand over again and say, "Not yet." Make a sizzling sound once more and say, "Is it done?" Stick up your thumb and wiggle it as you say, "Well done!"
Sprinkler - Put one hand behind your neck. Stretch the other hand out in front of you. Jerk the hand in front of you across your body like a sprinkler as you make a "t-t-t-t-t-t" sound.
Cowboy Cheer - Put one pointer finger in the air and circle it like a lasso as you say, "Yee haw!"
Raise the Roof - Palms up in the air as you say, "Raise the roof." Palms pointing to your sides as you say, "Widen the walls." Palms pointing to the ground as you say, "And lower the floor."
Pat Yourself on the Back - Have children pat themselves on the back as they say, "I'm good stuff." Next, have them pat their neighbor on their back as they say, "You're good stuff, too."
Fantastic - Pretend to hold a spray bottle and squirt it three times. Take your other hand and make a circle in front of you with your palm as if cleaning a window as you say, "Fantastic!" slowly.
Cheese and Grater - Hold up your left palm as you say, "Here's the grater." Make a fist with your right hand and hold it up and say, "Here's the cheese." Pretend to scrape the cheese on the grater as you say, "You're great, great, great!"
Ketchup Bottle - Stick up left fist like it's a ketchup bottle. Pretend to hit it with your right palm as if trying to get ketchup to come out.
Kiss Your Brain - When children answer a question and their answer is clever, correct, or creative say, "Kiss your brain!" as you model how to kiss your fingertips and touch your head. (Their answer doesn't necessarily have to be correct. It just needs to reflect that they have been thinking!)
Ole! Put your fingers in the air as you pretend to count, "Uno, dos, tres." Twirl around with your index finger in the air as you say, "Ole! Ole! Ole!"
Saturday Night Fever - Extend your right index finger in the air to the left of your body. Put your left hand on your hip. Move your right finger from the air to your side as you sing, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, we did a good job, we did a good job!"
Seal of Approval - Stiffen arms, extend them in front of you, and cross them over each other Clap them as you make a barking noise like a seal.
Hip Hip Hooray - Hit one hip and say, "Hip." Hit the other hip and say, "Hip." Put your arms in the air as you shout, "Hooray!"
Parrot - Put your hands in your armpits to make the parrot's wings. Flap your wings up and down as you squawk and say, "Aaaaak! You did a good job!"
Train Whistle - Cup one hand around your mouth and pretend to pull on the whistle with the other hand as you say, "Toot toot." Then place both hands in the air palms down and make a "Shhhhhhhh" sound as you bring them slowly to your sides.
Starting Line-Up - Have the class form two lines facing each other. One at a time, announce a child like they announce players at a football game. (For example: "Starting line-up for Ms. James' room is Daniel Wong. He has brown hair and enjoys soccer. Let's hear it for Daniel!") That child runs through the middle of the lines as everyone gives them a high five, a pat on the back, and an encouraging word.

Hint! Write the cheers on index cards, then store them in a "Cheer" detergent box or "Cheerios" box. Pull out a cheer whenever you need one!

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