Proud Parent Book - This book is a fantastic way to make children feel special and help your parents know how much you care!

You will need a 3-ring notebook and blank paper for this project. Decorate the cover of the book with the title "The Proud Parent."

On the first page write these directions: "Today you have an opportunity to add a page about your child to our PROUD PARENT BOOK. Please put a picture of your child at the top of the page. Next, write a short description of your child. You might want to include your child's physical attributes (hair color, eyes, etc.), activities your child enjoys, and things that make your child special." Have children share what their parents have written about them the next day in class. I'm sure children will enjoy reading this book all year long!

Hint! If you have a child of your own or a pet, model what you want parents to do on the first page. Note: If you live in an area where it's difficult to get parent participation for a project like this, then make a "Proud Teacher Book" and choose a different child each day to write about.

Download a form for the pages in your book here: Word format or PDF format


A - My Name Is - Do you remember the jump rope rhyme "A - My name is Alice?" Well, you can make a variation of this for a class book.

Take the letter that each child's name starts with and complete the rhyme below:

First letter of child's name - My name is child's name.
My friend's name is child whose name starts the same.
I come from place starting with the letter,
And I like child names something they like that begins with their sound.

For example:

A - My name is Ashley.
My friend's name is Allan.
I come from Atlanta,
And I like apples.

Class Scrapbook - What do you do with all those pictures and special notes the children write you?

There's only so much space you can tape them to the front of your desk, but this book will let them know how much you value what they give you.

Purchase a 3 - ring notebook or photo album. Decorate the cover with a title, such as "Special Memories from _______."

Whenever you receive a picture or note, punch holes in it and add it to your notebook.

Place the book in your classroom library so children can enjoy it through the year.


Homework Folders -

This is a great idea to help children develop responsibility and to increase the home/school partnership.

Each child will need a pocket folder. Let them decorate the outside. Have them trace around their left hand on the left pocket and write "Left at home" under it.

Have them trace around their right hand on the right pocket and write "Bring Right back."

Each day before they go home, they should put the papers they have completed on the left side. Homework assignments and other papers that should be signed and returned should go in the right pocket.

You could also insert a pencil pocket to the middle for lunch money.


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