Each child can bring in a small jewelry box, or you can just purchase match boxes. Spray paint the boxes gold or silver, then let children decorate with sequins and glitter. Punch a hole in the box and tie on a piece of thin ribbon approximately 24" long so it can be worn like a necklace. Teach children this song to sing to their mothers when they give them the box:

A Box of Love (Tune: "Polly Wolly Doodle")

I wish I had a little box
To put my mommy in.
I'd take her out and go
"Kiss, kiss, kiss," (Smack in the air.)
And put her back again.

If my mommy were in my box,
Then she would always know.
At school or play, night or day,
How I love her so!

I made this box for Mother's Day,
It's full of love for you.
When we're apart,
Hold it to your heart,
And know I'm thinking of you.

Hint! Plan a Mother's Day Tea. Then have the children sing the song and present their boxes to their mothers. They'll never forget it! It would also be special to put a picture of the child in the box.


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