Eleven Great Ways
to End Your School Year!
1. Special Days
How about a beach party? Wear bathing suits, set up sprinklers and wading pools, blow bubbles and eat Popsicles.
Maybe your class would enjoy sports day. Children wear clothing of their favorite team and bring sports equipment. Have peanuts and popcorn for snack.
Camping day is also fun. Children bring sleeping bags, back packs, tents, etc. Spend the entire school day outside reading, doing crafts, singing, playing games, or eating s'mores and hot dogs.
2. Class Book
Make a class book titled "What I Learned in Kindergarten, First Grade, etc." Each child draws a picture about the most important thing learned this year.
3. Autograph Mementoes
Ask each child to bring in a T-shirt or pillowcase. Children take fabric pens and sign their names on each other's items.
4. Time Capsule
Each child brings a plastic bottle from home. They fill it with items from their desk, a letter to themselves to be read when they graduate from high school, notes from friends, a self portrait, etc. Have them glue on the lid and save it in a special place.
5. Friendship Necklace
Give children scraps of construction paper. All children design a shape and writes their names on them. (They will need to reproduce the shape for each classmate.) Children distribute their shapes to each other.
Children then punch holes in the shapes and string them on a piece of yarn 24" long. Tie the ends and they have a necklace of their friends to wear home the last day.
(You might want to have the children write their phone numbers on their shapes so they can call each other.)
6. Summer Activity Calendar
Make a summer activity calendar and run off a copy for each child. Give them something special to do each day, like "count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens," "write a letter to someone you love," "read a book and tell your parents your favorite part," "teach your parents a song," etc.

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