Is Everybody Happy?
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The Vowel Song


Let children illustrate books to go along with this song.
Fold 3 pieces of paper in half and staple on the fold.
Children write a different vowel sound on each page
and illustrate the short and long sounds.
Have children think of other words they could
sing in the song.

The Gummy Bear Song


Vary the number of bears and coins
used in the song.

(i.e. ten bears and nickels)

The Letter Dance


Use this song to reinforce sign language by
making the manual sign for each letter as
you sing.
Have children make up their own
movements for each letter.

The Compound Boogie


Have children think of other compound words.
Write them on the board and sing them in the
Write compound words on paper plates.
Cut between the words using a puzzle design as shown.
Children put the puzzles together and read the words.

Seven Little Letters


Place magnetic letters on the overhead or on a cookie sheet and remove as you sing the song. Sing a similar song for the vowels.

"Five little vowels went out one day . . ."

Cut file folders in half.
Punch 2 holes in the top and tie together with a 30" piece of string as shown.
Print the uppercase letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the other side.
Choose seven children to wear these like sandwich boards.
Have the "seven letters" hold hands and skip in a circle.
When you call their sound, they come to you.

The More We Get Together


Let children suggest other verses and motions,
such as "The more we read together,"
or "The more we help each other."

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