Is Everybody Happy?
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Money Song


Enlarge pictures of coins and hold up as you sing.
Have children do rubbings of coins.
Place each coin under a sheet of paper and
rub with the side of a crayon.
Who do they see? What's it worth?
Let children examine coins with a magnifying glass.
Encourage them to discuss details.
How old is the coin?

The Gummy Bear Song


Vary the number of bears and coins used in the song.

(i.e. ten bears and nickels.)

Rules Rap


Write the rules on a chart.
Call children's attention to them when they are behaving inappropriately.
Make a "Class Rule Book."
Ask each child to illustrate and write (or dictate) a rule that they think is important.
Put their pictures together and staple in a construction paper cover.
Read the rules together, then display in the room and use as a "reminder" when necessary

Planet Poem


Pass out paper plates to the children.
Provide them with books about the planets, then
challenge them to make their plate look
like one of the planets.
Hold up as you sing about that planet in the song.



Make manual signs for letters instead of punching them out.

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