Finger Plays Forever from Carolyn Kisloski and Dr. Jean - New March 2019
131 Pages - Activities for your classroom and for families

Have you ever watched children when they are doing a finger play? You can almost see the synapses firing in the brain. If I were in charge of early childhood, children would spend at least 5 minutes a day doing finger plays.:

Here are some reasons why . . .

Engagement – Doing a finger play is a natural way to engage children’s attention and help them focus.

Oral language – Repetition of finger plays builds oral language skills.

Auditory memory – Children activate their short-term memory as they memorize finger plays.

Comprehension – Most finger plays have a simple story plot for children to follow.

Imagination – With so much time spent in front of a screen, finger plays encourage children to make pictures in their brains.

Sequence – Remembering the sequence in finger plays can help children retell stories.

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