Kindergarten Standards Karaoke Downloads

December 2015

Fa, la, la, la, la…
Let the holidays ring.
Here are some books
To read and sing!

Sam Williams and I created a set of four songs and printables that are an engaging way to reinforce standards.  We would like to share them with you (FREE) this month to add some “funness” to your day.  Each of the song packets contains many tools and suggestions to bring reading to life in your classroom including:

• Download of the song 
• A colorful sing and read book 
• A reproducible independent reading book 
• Lyric sheet 
• Extension Activities 
• Worksheets to use in centers

Click titles below to download the packets for these songs:

Color Farm
Five Little Hotdogs
Nursery Rhyme Rap
Shape Song

Singing Standards with the Kindergarten Karoke

Reading Literature and Informational Text
What is the main idea of the song? Recall details. Talk about the title, the front, and the back of the book. Match illustrations with the words in the song. Identify if the book is a nursery rhyme, fiction, or nonfiction. Ask and answer questions about new words in songs. Read and sing books together with classmates.

Reading Foundations

Use books to reinforce left to right, top to bottom. Point out that words are separated by spaces. Connect what you sing/say to words in the text. Use phonics skills to decode. Point out high frequency words. Identify words that rhyme. Read books independently.

Write and tell opinion about songs. Make original drawings to go with books. Do additional research to learn more about a topic introduced in a book.

Speaking and Listening
Talk/sing and listen in a group activity. Follow group rules as children sing and do movements. Understand and talk about songs.

Language Skills
Hear proper English modeled in books. Use complete sentences. Figure out what different words mean. Relate how words in songs relate to real live. Use books to identify capitalization and punctuation. Use question words.

Children can count, add, and subtract with the “Five Little Hotdogs.”  Geometry will come alive with the “Shape Family.”  These books provide a meaningful way to connect literacy and mathematics.


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