End of Year Letter

End of Year Letter – Leave parents with a positive lasting impression by sending a letter similar to the one below.  It might be thoughtful to send a picture of their child along with the note.

Dear ______,
Lucky me to get to spend this special year with your child!
(Child’s name) has worked hard and has grown in many ways.  One of my favorite memories is (something unique about the child).

I appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given (child’s name) at home.  Behind every great student is a great family!

Saying good-bye is bittersweet.  “Bitter” because I will miss (child’s name), but sweet because I am so proud to have been a part of his/her life!  Please keep in touch because I know the future holds many wonderful things for your child and your family!

Remember to read and laugh every day this summer!

(Teacher’s name)


Summer Activity Calendar – Here’s a summer activity calendar to send home to parents.  Click here to download a pdf of this calendar.


Fun-Shine” Can – Let children decorate a can and then add activities similar to the ones attached.  When they get bored they can choose a strip and do the activity with their parents.

Click here to download ideas for the
Fun Shine Can


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