By Dr. Holly

Daffodils, dandelions,
Lemon pie and jello;
Bananas, pears, and squash
All are colored yellow.

Have you seen a yellow car?
A yellow pair of shoes?
I know youíve seen the yellow sun -
It shines for me and you!









On the Playground
By Dr. Holly

I love the playground -
I feel so free
To run around
Between the trees.

I can dance
And I can shout.
I can prance
And jump about.

I can swing
The whole long day.
My feet touch the sky -
Up, up, away!

I can spin
On the merry-go-round
Until Iím dizzy,
Then slow me down.

I can cross
The monkey bars
Like an astronaut
From star to star.

I can climb -
I never stop! -
Like a mountain lion
Straight to the top!